CE Capital offers our clients 3 main services:

Raising awareness and setting up a UK presence where needed

Raising awareness of our client’s business in London (and other European and US cities) amongst the investor community.  We can also provide a service to help a client to establish a base in the UK for the purpose both of supporting operations and fundraising.

Helping to raise finance or running a sale process

Introduction to passive or strategic investors or performing a full scale sale process to maximise the value of any divestment.

Restructuring, support and consultancy

Providing optimum restructuring solutions and ongoing consultancy to support the company in achieving their corporate objectives.

Our Investor Relations Service aims to increase our client's PR activity and coverage in the UK Press, which we believe is vital in raising their profile and ultimately seeking investment.

Often clients have an expansion plan that needs to be funded or they are looking for some more innovative funding solutions and they are looking outside their traditional investor pool. For such funding London is ideal due to its rich diversity of international investors (including many sovereign and family funds from the Middle and Far East).

In some cases we will just make a personal anonymous approach to a strategic or private investor to sound out interest prior to arranging a formal introduction with the management team - in extreme situations we can sometimes find a potential investor in just 24 hours!

In other circumstances clients are looking to restructure/refinance debt or maximise their EBITDA, our 3 phase turnaround method offers a resolution to these issues as well as support in negotiating with banks and other financial institutions.

CE Capital also provides a Corporate Finance service for those companies wishing to explore a full or partial sale. Our approach involves identifying strategic and financial buyers before entering a structured negotiation stage.

For broader funding requirements CE Capital adopts a generic 5 step approach:

You will note that amongst our team there are specialists in Cleantech, Real Estate, Nuclear Energy, IT and Telecoms alongside other verticals. We will always aim to provide the best people for the assignment and have partnership arrangements with a number of London and international boutiques for these instances.